“The Braille Project, brainchild of Faye Harnest and Devon E. Sioui, highlights the beauty of braille and the art of communication.”
Q&A with 1LoveTO, November 2014

Ontario Arts Council Aboriginal Arts Project Grant announcement – The Braille Project,  January 2014

Faye Harnest & Devon Sioui: “Except Blue May Be Green
,” –ti-TCR 9, The Capilano Review, (page 88), March 2014 [preview here]

“[Devon Sioui & Faye Harnest] collaborate on tactile paintings that make experimental use of paint and braille to create paintings that go well beyond the realm of the visual.” –, artist interview re: The Braille Project, March 2014

“When looking at Devon’s art, you may feel you are watching a spiral unleash itself, turn into a spider web, then pounce headfirst into an explosive emotion.” –, December 2012

“The images suggest locations or landforms or insects and animals with equal parts order and disorder.” – Richard Turtle, EMC Northeast, May 2012

“Devon Sioui can musically shape space through texture and an amalgamation of colors that maintain their identity while all contributing to a chorus.” –, April 2012

“Using inspiration from her daily surroundings, she is able to create surreal images that provide a colourful view into her unchartered mind.” – Brooke Manning, OTMzine, March 2012

“These abstract paintings feel a bit like portraits.” – ShopArtDirect, January 2012