Devon E. Sioui is a twenty-eight year old self-taught abstract artist located in Toronto, Ontario. With a penchant for saturated colours and bold textures, she focuses primarily on creating large-scale, expressionist paintings using acrylic & mixed media. More than fifty of her paintings can be found in private collections throughout the US & Canada.

In 2013 Devon & author Faye Harnest launched The Braille Project, a series of tactile paintings incorporating and celebrating braille. In early 2014 Faye & Devon were awarded the Ontario Arts Council Aboriginal Arts Projects grant for their work with The Braille Project. Their hope is to showcase their series of braille paintings (entitled “Please Do Touch!“) in Toronto in early 2015.

An ongoing display of Devon’s work can be found at  Upper Beach Health & Wellness in the Beaches (Toronto), and The Port Bistro in Trenton, Ontario.