What kind of a name is ‘Sioui’? How do you pronounce it?

Sioui (pronounced “see-wee”) is Native-Canadian; of the Huron-Wendat Nation originally from the Georgian Bay area, and then from Wendake, Quebec. While pretty few and far between everywhere else, the Sioui name is fairly popular over there. Even the Chief shares our last name.

What is “nervrom”?

I came up with “Nervrom” back in 2008 when I was trying to figure out a semi-anonymous domain for a website to share my various experiments in art. I was shy and not yet fully comfortable showing my work, at least not with my name attached to it. I was in my old apartment and I glanced up at this poster on my wall and I guess just combined the words and liked how it sounded (I’m also a bit of a nervous-romantic). I’d already purchased the domain, so I kept it. And now I’m kind of attached to it.

What happened to the “For Sale” page?

I’m lazy. It was getting to be too much to keep on top of updating the page as paintings were sold or moved to different places for display, so I’ve resorted to simply marking them ‘sold’ in the caption of each piece. You should be able to scan over most of them in the main portfolio pages to see what’s available at a glance. All the images have information attached when you expand them.

How do I buy a painting? Can I use my credit card?

If you see something you like, simply send me an email with the title of the piece, and I’ll send you pricing and shipping information, if necessary. Once we come to an agreement I’ll make you up an invoice and you’ll be able to choose your preferred payment method (credit, debit, or PayPal balance) through PayPal’s platform (extra fees may apply).  I also accept personal cheques and email money transfers if that better suits you.

Do you take payment plans?

Yes. Send me an email with any questions you might have and I’m happy to work out a plan that suits your specific needs. Please note the payment must be paid in full before you are able to receive your painting.

Do you accept artwork trades in lieu of money?

Most likely not.

How do you come up with your pricing?

Lately, I’ll start with a base price of around $1 per square inch, and then adjust from there based on materials, time, and whether or not I feel I can part with it.

I don’t live in Toronto. Is shipping possible?

Absolutely. Paintings under 900 square inches can be shipped via Canada Post, and everything larger than that is shipped via UPS. I pack the paintings myself to keep costs down (I don’t charge for handling), and tracking & insurance is included in the price. Due to the varying sizes of paintings and distances involved, shipping costs are calculated on a case-by-case basis. You’ll be given a copy of the final receipt. If my estimates are wrong, I’ll reimburse you the difference.
Please note that in some cases Cash On Delivery (COD) is the only viable option.

Do you take commissions?

Perhaps. Send me an email and tell me what you had in mind.

Where can I see your work in person?

I have an ongoing display of work at The Port Bistro in Trenton, Ontario and Upper Beach Health & Wellness in the Beaches (Toronto). You can also make an appointment to visit my Toronto studio. Get in touch here.

I don’t like email. Can I call you instead?

I’d prefer you didn’t, mostly because I am allergic to the phone, but also because I like to have everything written down and imperative information readily available. However, if it’s imperative to you that we speak on the phone, I suppose I can oblige.

Can I buy a print of a specific painting?

Possibly, depending on the piece. Let me know what you had in mind and I’ll see if I can make it happen. (P.S. We’re currently selling embossed braille-prints through The Braille Project!)

I would like to buy a painting for my wife/husband/significant other. If they email you inquiring about a painting, could you lie to them for me? I want it to be a surprise.


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