Painting Progress in #SundayPaints

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For the last several Sundays (and most Saturdays) I’ve found myself in a pretty consistent flow of painting. I’ve been instagramming most of my progress, so if you like to watch paintings evolve and catch glimpses around a (generally) messy studio, that’s the place you’ll find me most. As literally everyone in the entire world knows, Instagram is great. And fast. And you can hide flaws with filters.  And posting photos within seconds is way less work than posting a blog every week when you’re already being paid to spend fifty hours a week on the internet, and when you’re not being paid, you’re busy pretending to hate the internet, even though you actually spend hours reading blogs and scrolling Facebook and you’re really just too lazy to form words and hit “publish”.

I also post pictures and videos of cute dogs and shaved cats. Sometimes really furry cats. Very few selfies, though I did post one today. SORRY.

This weekend I actually did a much needed Spring Clean and painted the main wall with (what was supposed to be magnetic) chalkboard paint. I took down the plastic covering because it was ugly and I was sick of looking at it. I keep telling myself I’ll replace the plastic but it looks so nice I’ll most likely leave it and then inevitably ruin it with paint.

So anyway, if you don’t follow me on Instagram, pardon the filters, here’s a roundup of the last month or so of Sunday painting times. If you do follow me on Instagram, Thanks! Sorry for punishing you with this regurgitated content: 

Messy Studio

Messy Studio

Clean studio!

Clean studio!

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 8.07.03 PM

A painted over 5' x 4'

A painted over 5′ x 4′

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 8.06.38 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 8.06.16 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 8.06.06 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 8.05.53 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 8.16.46 PM


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