A Productive Saturday

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Painting / The Braille Project / works in progress

Yesterday Faye, Lidstone*, and I spent the day listening to Django Reinhardt and working on braille paintings. I love successful studio days: two paintings are awaiting their final coats of varnish, and one really big one is getting there too. I painted nonstop for something like seven hours. Our productivity seemed to make up for our being drunk on mojitos. Or perhaps the rum fuelled us. Or it was Django.

We’ll be posting the full images once they’re varnished and photographed, but in the meantime, here are some detail shots of some soon-to-be-finished braille pieces, as well as some random junk from around the studio including a cat doing what cats do best.


*↩ Jay Lidstone is a friend of mine who’s in the midst of shooting a short documentary on The Braille Project. He came up for the weekend from Trenton to get some filming in. EVERY TIME we’re working and I start making fun of my husband behind his back I’ve suddenly realized Jay’s been recording the whole time.

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