Upper Beach Health & Wellness

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Shannon from Upper Beach Health & Wellness was nice enough to let me hang some of my work on her walls! Her space is beautiful and meticulously designed and decorated, I couldn’t get over how much the vibe seemed to add to the paintings – and not the other way around. 

photo by Faye Harnest

photo by Faye Harnest

I don’t know if its because it’s been around for awhile, but the above painting (Kid Lefty!) hasn’t been my favourite for some time. But with that couch! I couldn’t get over how well everything worked together.

The timing worked out perfectly so that Faye and I could hang some of our new braille paintings. Here are some more photos of the newly decorated space:

Front desk

Front desk

Waiting area

“MAKE A SHOW OF BOLDNESS” From The Braille Project, in the waiting area

More braille-paintings: Except Blue May Be Green, and two new ones: Put On Your Coat I Live In That:

Peeks of colour throughout the space:

Two new paintings– Primary Number Two & Primary Number Three, both 16″ x 20″

We also finished I Live In Thatthe largest-to-date instalment of PLEASE DO TOUCH!:

I Live in That (collaboration with Faye Harnest for The Braille Project)

I Live in That (collaboration)

And finally, here’s the first braille-painting wherein we used Faye’s original poetry, vs. a modified quote from Borges or Napoleon.  I really, really love this one a lot. An invitation to the project in itself:

“Put on your coat,
this coat.
We will escape
the flat landscape
and go where things feel strange
and wild
and clumsy.
Sometimes it will feel rough
and it will feel late
and we will make mistakes
but we will find lines and circles
and points and people
and then we will find more.”
Put On Your Coat (collaboration with Faye Harnest for The Braille Project)

Put On Your Coat (collaboration)

If you’ve been curious about touching these paintings, Upper Beach Health is a good place to start. : )

Follow our adventures in braille-art over on our Tumblr, or on Twitter @PleaseDoTouch


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