Custom Pet Portraits

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If you follow me on Facebook, or Twitter or Tumblr, or basically anywhere else other than here, you’ll know I’m now offering custom watercolour pet portraits for the next little while. The response has been really awesome, and so far I’ve been able to paint some insanely fluffy cats, a few siamese, a couple pugs, a dachshund, three labs, a yorkie, and a few mutts (I can’t share images of all of them since some of them are gifts and haven’t arrived yet!) This is all very new for me. I’ve never prided myself much on my ability to paint animals, or anything remotely kinda realistic. I’ve always loved to, I just never thought I was that good at it. After preparing for my show last month, I really felt burnt out from working on a huge canvas, and in need of a break from the studio. I’ve always dabbled with watercolour so it wasn’t uncommon to find me sitting on the couch painting with my little travel set.  I randomly decided to paint my dog Gert, and since then lots of people have been asking me if I could paint their pets too!

This came at the perfect time because I’m right in the middle of restocking the ol’ BigCartel store, and this listing seems to be the hottest item at the moment. However, because I still work a full-time day job, I’m allotting myself only what I can handle in the evenings, which right now is just about one portrait a night*. So with all that said, I’m offering one portrait for $65 or two for $100. *

Here are some more examples, click any of them to be taken to the listing.
gert lily goose goosesplit Screen shot 2013-03-19 at 10.19.06 AM

*Portraits are painted with Windsor & Newton watercolours on a 9″ x 12″ sheet of 140 lb cold press watercolour paper. Ships unframed, in a rigid mailer.


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