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Monday Evening (Ode to Big) (SOLD)

Monday Evening (Ode to Big)

Two years ago I sold my first painting to a stranger on the internet. It was that one up there, and the person who bought it is someone I now, most definitely consider a friend. In conversation, I could actually say we met because he found my painting on the internet and decided he wanted to have it.  That’s effing bonkers. Since then, I’ve sold around fifteen or so paintings on the internet, and each time it is an adventure. It still feels as amazing as it did two years ago, and I’ve even gained a few friendships out of it.  I’ve had the best time meeting people who have reached out due to my art. It’s unbelievably inspiring and for me, all I will ever need from it. In speaking with one such buyer-turned-friend (not to mention talented artist) the other night, it got me thinking about the relationship between client and artist, communication in its truest form brought on by a piece of work. Art is communication, and I truly think if for the rest of my life all I could do was show my work on the internet, have conversations about it, make someone feel something when looking at it even from far away (and maybe at least once in awhile sell one!), then I’ll always be happy with what I’m doing. I feel really, really lucky to have the experiences I have had in the last two years. I’ve learned so much. Today, I’m really grateful to anyone who has reached out to me in that time. Those of you who’ve supported me in small and large ways.  I’m also feeling pretty grateful for the Internet, and using it to communicate with these people, because without it I can honestly say I would not be writing this. I’d like to say I’d be making art no matter what, but it’s tough to say where I’d be if I didn’t constantly have the support I’ve been lucky enough to garner over the past two years.*

Art is considered a luxury to have, and I’m so eternally grateful that you’ve considered mine worth having (on your wall or on your computer screen).

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Happy New Year!

*Special thanks to: Aimé, Matthew, Laura, Scot, Heather, Joelene, Bob, Sil, Michelle & Jamie, Karen & Michael, Julia & Steffan, Veronique & Jamie, Jo, Shawn, Lid, Snikki, Faye & Mike, my lover Adam  and the rest of the Harnest & Sioui families. Thank you.


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