I’m Giving Away A Painting

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I think I have posted this everywhere except my actual website. So, if you haven’t already done so, head over to Facebook and give my page a like! Once I reach 500 I’m going to give away a painting. As of right now, 1:21 pm EST on November 29 2012, I’m currently at 380 likes, and since this morning I’ve been averaging a new like about every two to four minutes! At this rate I’ll be drawing the name much sooner than I anticipated…

I am also thinking I may send the top five a free print as a THANK YOU, because the numbers have been climbing rapidly over the last day or so and it’s kind of making me feel like I should give back a little more.


  • You simply have to ‘like’ the page to qualify. You do not have to unlike/like it again, or share it, though sharing is of course appreciated. A name will be drawn once the page reaches 500 ‘likes’. If you liked my page months ago, you are already entered in the draw.
  • The painting will be 11” x 14” or smaller (but not too small, don’t worry) chosen by me at the time of the draw. (Depending on my stock, I may offer a few options for you to choose from. I may even opt to make the painting this weekend. Basically I’m saying I have no idea what’s happening yet.)
  • I will send the winner a message on Facebook, and they must reply with a mailing address to claim their painting.
  • Due to the absurd cost of international shipping, only those who reside in US/Canada may be eligible (unless you are happy to pay for shipping, which we will discuss if/when you win).

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all your support. GOOD LUCK!


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