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Hey! This is SUPER last minute because i’ve been SUPER busy, but if you’re in Toronto tonight and like music and art, come to the Rivoli. Money ($5) raised at the door is going to CAMH.

I myself will be selling original paintings inside dome rings, various shaped necklace pendants, four-sets of cufflinks, and one lone bracelet (it’s partner was sold last week). All in all I have around 50 pieces to unload. Prices range from $15-$40 and everything is hand made & one-of-a-kind. Most of the hardware is made of brass (lead & nickel free) and is antique-bronze in colour. Some chains are 30 inches while others are 24″. This is all being launched under our new artist collective had. I will have more information about had itself shortly, but to note: our Etsy Store will be updated with listings of our items starting this weekend.

Facebook is currently being a jerk so I can’t access tonight’s Event Page to list the other participants, but maybe if it is working for you you can find out or just assume it’s going to be a fun night of drinks, music, & art. Many thanks to one Vee Bloom for asking me to participate in my third PWB.

IMPORTANT EDIT: I forgot to mention I will also be selling linen prints of my paintings! Oops! As well, it should be noted that Aime is showing her work for the very first time (as well as some handmade found sea-glass rings!)  She also just sold her very first painting for a lot of money… so watch out!

See you there!


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