Stirling Show Photos

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I’m still reeling in the overwhelming generosity and kindness of everyone involved in the show, so for now I’ll simply say it was a success, and I couldn’t have done it without AiméFaye, and my ridiculously awesome brother, Adam, for showing up out of the blue, and making sure we were all well-fed and never thirsty. Additional thanks go to my amazing parents for their love, their home, and their booze, and my incredible extended family & friends who helped out so much with the reception (I am still eating vegetables).

Big thanks to everyone who came, everyone who sent a well-wish, everyone who moderately enjoys my work, and everyone who pretends to.  Until I find the words, please enjoy these fantastic shots by Faye (click that link), who really, truly captured the essence of the event, and the moments leading up to it.

*note: the following photos are in no particular order, as I simply lack the patience to deal with WordPress.

Aimé created this amazing flower arrangement for Sue as a Thank You.


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