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I had intended on doing this probably a month ago, but I got so busy I kind of forgot I even had a website. Firstly, on the topic of sites, this space is undergoing a bit of a makeover. More on that later, but I am excited. This blog portion of my site will no longer exist and I plan on posting more (written) updates primarily through my Tumblr.

My studio-mate Aime and I started a new on-going project called Ten Minute Paintings, where each time we are at the studio together we kick things off by completing a timed monochromatic painting on an 8″ x 10″ wood panel. We use the same panels each time, so we’ve made it a habit of gesso-ing over our completed pieces once they’ve dried. Since we know the piece will only exist temporarily (at least in its original form), our hope is that our minds will be able to jump into the place we’ve deemed necessary in order to create our best works thereafter. So far it’s been really awesome, and I’m excited to jump into it each time.

As of January, i am being represented by ArtProfile Toronto. Currently I have two pieces hanging at the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts: This Is Not A Cityscape and The Quilt I Started At Ten (But Only Got To Five Squares). Unfortunately you can’t simply walk in off the street to see the work at this particular location, but I am hoping other opportunities present themselves as there has been a bit of talk of hanging in surrounding restaurants and galleries as well. (If you’re really keen on checking them out at this location, let me know and I’d be happy to take you). Consigning my artwork is a strange new business I’m still very apprehensive and unsure about, but I’m excited about this opportunity and hoping to show in lots of new places as the year goes on! Many thanks to Rupert for seeing something in my work, and my dad for making sure I was taken care of. Lawyer fathers definitely have their perks!

Lastly, Stirling. This Spring. I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s finally right around the corner and I’m getting really excited/nervous! Mostly, I’m working like crazy to create a whole catalogue of new work for this show. I’m showing 15ish pieces in a variety of sizes, and I am super pumped to show my work in the town down the street from where I grew up! My work will be hanging in the Stirling-Rawdon Art Gallery from May 1 – 31, 2012. Stay tuned for more updates closer to the date!

As always, thank you, thank you, thank you.

EDIT: It seems lots of you find your way here looking for information on ArtProfile. Indeed, it seems there isn’t much information out there on them! I was represented by them for six months, when I decided it wasn’t for me and ended it. It’s evident many artists have success with them, and you may as well but for me it wasn’t a good match. If you’d like any more information please feel free to contact me.


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