NO FRIENDSHIP: The Book (Third Installment — Adventures in Leather-Binding)

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How it looks now

Front Binding

Side Binding (Forgive the rattiness of this particular model. It's been in my purse for a few days).

Inside with leather placeholder

Backside Binding

So, with Thanks to my mom, dad (and his secretaries), I made a ton of copies on a last minute day-trip to the hometown (Thanks for squeezing me into the Fiat, Kathie! [and Thanks Adam, for squishing underneath my painting for the whole 1.5 hour ride home]). My mom bought me a hole-punch, I got some [ridiculously expensive but] beautiful thin leather, and the folding, punching, and binding began. I’ve done somewhere around 15 of them. But hope to do another 25 before Show-time.

This may or may not be the last installment, as I’d like to leave the artwork (to be added) a surprise.

Once again, these will be available for purchase ($10) along with some of my paintings (+ maybe prints?) at my booth during the DEAD SOULS event on November 13!



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