NO FRIENDSHIP: The Book Edition.

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I am selling books of writings at the DEAD SOULS event in November. Yes. I am. I am quite nervous, but I’m doing it anyway. Who cares.

Each book will be unique. In which ways I’m not entirely sure just yet, but original artwork (in its various forms) will be included. My goal is to have something interesting to look at so if you do find the words in it boring at least there will be something pleasing about it. I posted a bit of a preview on my Tumblr, but here’s an expanded version (as ‘expanded’ as I may be, as it is still on my computer, and exists only there. There will probably be more versions, as I come to have them printed and begin working on them past the initial layout):

What’s that? Why YES, I AM obsessed with myself! Ha! Ha! Ha!…….Sigh.

I am hoping to sell them for very little money. Once I have finished them completely I will be able to figure that out. I just want to cover some costs in making them and give people something small to take away from my contribution to the show (for once).

Thanks everybody! Hope to see some of you at the show. Stay tuned if you are as curious as I am to see how this book comes out.



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