No Friendship

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No Friendship Behind The Wickets

An overwhelming number of people have taken a recent interest in a new painting of mine, entitled No Friendship Behind The Wickets. This is a sentence we noticed written along the window-pane the day we moved into our studio. It was the last thing I painted before moving (about four feet to the left).
We have windows (That OPEN!), a fire escape, 1/2 more wall, and a whole lotta mood lighting. My fingers are eternally crossed for this place to be mine for the rest of my life, but that’s a whole other story, for another time.

I have been asked by a few potential buyers for some detail-shots. Often times people may think the photos my paintings are tweaked  and don’t quite resemble their real-life counter-parts, (especially when discussing colour) but I strive to make sure they are as accurate a representation as possible. The texture in my work is something I struggle with endlessly being represented in photographs. Often times things get lost in transformation. I also find that different angles of the painting in question will benefit someone to envision it on their wall.  With that said, here are those detail shots. In all their detailed glory.

I am proud of this piece. It’s the first I’ve been happy with a little fluid acrylic experimentation (the ones that surround this piece on the right are the work of my studio-mate, Aime. If you are reading this, you should check her out too).
It’s good to be back in there. It’s good to be selling paintings again. It’s good to feel this inspired, despite winter looming over our heads.



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