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The lovely Mindi St. Amand asked me if I’d like to participate in her latest event:

Dead Souls – Poetry, Music & Art Night
When: November 13, 2011 (Doors at 7:30 pm)
Where: Smiling Buddha Bar, Toronto ON

“Talented poets John Barlow, Spencer Butt, Liisa Ladouceur, Liz Worth, and Raeanne Quinton will be reading original poetry. Artists Valerie Marchand, Devon E. Sioui, and Cynthia Gould will be displaying artwork available for purchase and inspiration. Music guests include Marcus Carab, Four Star Daydream, and The Raspberry Heaven.”

I’ll be showing a few paintings, but I’ve also compiled a book of ramblings/artwork and such that will be available for (a small) purchase. I’m not entirely sure what to expect, but there will be some awesome poetry readings and music playing and work from talented artists to look at. Oh, and drinks. There will be drinks. I’m really excited for this event!  Here’s a run down of the other participants, or you can just skip right over to the Facebook Page and invite yourself. Hope to see you there!

JOHN BARLOW was born in Moncton, New Brunswick to parents from Hamilton, Canada and Brighton, England, moved to St Jean Quebec at six and to Windsor, Ontario at nine. Has lived in Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa as an adult, worked at lots of jobs and published numerous things.

LIZ WORTH is the author of Treat Me Like Dirt: An Oral History of Punk in Toronto and Beyond. She is also the author of Eleven: Eleven. Liz’s first poetry book Amphetamine Heart is about “excess and the imbalance that it brings. It’s about people who don’t remember how they got home at the end of the night. It’s about broken illusions and the dark undercurrents that often permeate party culture.”

SPENCER BUTT is a performance poet from Toronto, Canada who specializes in blowing minds. Spencer has been featured at such events as The Toronto Poetry Slam, Wavelength Music Series, CanZine, Laugh Sabbath, Saskatoon’s Tonight It’s Poetry, The Vancouver Poetry Slam, The Art Bar Poetry Series, Dementia 5, Mashed Poetics and The University of British Columbia’s Poetry Slam.

RAEANNE QUINTON is a feisty young poet who will stop at nothing to document our fictional lives to bring out the truth and reality of our human experiences.

LIISA LADOUCEUR is an author, a journalist, a poet, and a Goth. Her non-fiction writing has appeared in major newspapers and magazines including Eye Weekly, The Toronto Sun, Alternative Press and Bust and she has been seen and heard mouthing off about music on CBC Radio and MuchMoreMusic.Her poetry has been published by Burning Effigy Press and Carousel Magazine and she has performed spoken word across North America and in Toronto venues from Harbourfront to the Bloor Cinema to a Cloud Garden. Her first book Encylcopedia Gothica was released autumn 2011 by ECW Press. She still owns a hair crimper.

MINDI ST.AMAND is an event organizer living in Toronto, who has been writing poetry for 20 years. Much of Mindi’s poetry is a mixture of darkness and bright light touching on themes about sexuality, depression, and sentimental memories. She has an attachment to many things in this world and art seems to be the best way for her to connect with them. Sometimes she performs with a guitar. or shows a video. or has background music. or

FOUR STAR DAYDREAM is an indie rock band with one fixed member, Matthew Haskill, who provides a raw and often improvised performance (for better or for worse). Members of the “messy bedroom collective” are often recruited to fill in for live shows. Having no permanent line-up allows four star daydream to be expansive sonically, and can lead to erratic live performances.

MARCUS CARAB makes lyric-driven rap tunes that shun hip-hop conventions while secretly still being in love with them. He works with instrumentals by a variety of producers, but mainly his beatmaker-buddy and DJ the inimitable Fresh Serf. All Marcus Carab tunes are and always will be 100% free to play, download, share, remix, re-remix, three-mix, plagiarize, cannibalize, mash with stuff, set stuff to, say mean things about, or adapt into an epic stage production starring Brent Spiner. No permission required, especially not for that last one.

THE RASPBERRY HEAVEN is the heartfelt contents of Michael Hansford’s solo music project. With years of singing/songwriting experience, an ever-growing fanbase, and a raw passion that can not only be heard but felt, The Raspberry Heaven seeks to aurally stimulate listeners while driving home a message: Stay true to yourself and those you love. Drawing inspiration from music acts Bob Dylan and Lydia, this shy musician demonstrates wisdom beyond his 20 years of age.

CYNTHIA GOULD is a Toronto painter, singer/guitarist, performance poet, & coffee junkie, who was voted Best Local Visual Artist in the 2004 NOW Readers Poll, and Best Visual Artist in the 2004 and 2005 Eye Weekly Readers’ Choice Awards.

VALERIE MARCHAND works and lives in Toronto. She works in the mediums of oil painting, sewing, drawing, mixed media and sculpture.

DEVON E. SIOUI is a Toronto-based abstract painter and writer with a primary focus on movement, texture, and being lost.



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