Ramblings from a digitized yellow notepad spanning several hundred days

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256 days ago

The first I’ve been alone in eleven
Surrounded by faces I’ll soon dream about
Sitting next to a poster telling me
I could see Frida’s paintings
A single switch is as easy as
A lack of a vice
Turned sour
I will admit our scowls are usually drawn by my hand
But This Time
I know I was only seeing love
I will admit I often deserve such grief
But tonight,
I won’t feel better until I hurt you.

187 days ago

For someone who has always had a swelled mind
Now has a swelled brain
And that isn’t nearly as good.

140 days ago

Sometimes, the sounds are so muffled, so right
Coming from their inner drum
Feeling pressed
Squeeze out from their place

139 days ago

Dressed like an early autumn tree.

122 days ago

You need to ask yourself: Have you had enough, or are you ready for more?
Will you bury it, or leave?

118 days ago

I really can vouch for their moment. You were explaining it to me, and then I drooled.
I was seeing white, then red
Loud noises.

98 Days ago

This is me erasing the past. I know you know I am speaking of you, but
This goes beyond your eyes and mine.

95 Days ago

And I wonder now would you also have taken me along
Had I not expressed that you let me down?

89 Days ago

Feelings felt on a bumpy colour
Tetrapack juice.

86 days ago

I sure am glad you all have a reason to party, but this in no way erases the senseless deaths of several thousand. I will never celebrate murder. Also, if you think this is actually going to change anything, you are as good as dead anyway.

83 days ago

Until this year I’ve feared the sun in The Morning,
From the night before.
Until this year I ran from it,
Hung my blankets from its window’s panes,
Sunglassed over transit

Now I can wait,
And I can find,
I want to wait, alone.
What is this feeling?

56 days ago

Sometimes, I am just having too much fun to be awake.

48 days ago

Hatching // I will not hatch.

36 Days ago

Posting on Tumblr is not unlike getting on stage in fear of public speaking.

33 days ago

All I’ve got are reggae words.

28 days ago

I often think Art is just a matter of doing it.


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